Our leadership team includes experienced planners, architects, and business consultants with diverse problem solving skills.  We are driven to tackle any challenge and work collaboratively to create innovative solutions. Through our process, we share our inspiration with our clients to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations and deliver measurable results. 


Roger Bailey

Founder and director of Bailey and Associates, Roger Bailey began his architectural career 35 years ago. After graduating from Louisiana State University in 1982, he started his career in New Orleans. The excitement of the “Crescent City” was infectious. The World’s Fair and Exposition of 1984 was the economic engine driving growth and creating cultural change.  The irresistible charm of the city, intertwined with history, cultural ritual, and a degree of irreverence has remained his home for good reason. It’s charm and cultural complexity provides the setting for inspired living. It also functions as a refuge where a strong since of community thrives and creativity survives.

He sees the power of collaboration and the diversity of the leadership team as essential for problem solving. The team’s experience, expertise and creative ability to wander outside the traditional boundaries provides the momentum necessary to find innovative solutions. All time is valuable and precious. Our skill eliminates wasted resources. Our experience enables us to ask the right questions. Our creativity is infectious and our passion drives us to exceed expectations.

Tim Barron

An expert in Senior Living and Specialty-care for the Elderly, Tim has 35 years of experience in the profession of architecture.  A past president of the American Institute of Architects, Birmingham Chapter, involved in his community and church, Tim’s career has matured with professional experience in both small and large design firms and as a sole proprietor. He has developed his collaborative skills working at a very personal level with residential clients and engaged with more complex public projects involving large teams of consultants. He is responsible for over 300 residential, commercial and civic projects with 25 senior living / specialty care projects to his credit.

Tim understands the history behind current senior living design trends and is well equipped to lead the discussion as the senior living industry adapts to meet evolving market demand.  Extended life expectancy, increased frequency of clinical dementia, active lifestyles pushing the limits of aging joints, quality of nutrition, disease prevention and the demand for lifestyle choice will require new solutions. The needs of a growing market of seniors will require innovation and sensitivity to their unique needs. Tim has the collaborative skills, the experience and creative talents to meet these challenges with passion and enduring professionalism.

Helen Schneider

Helen has 30 years of architectural experience. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 1982 and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Her career in the profession spans from New Orleans to San Antonio. She is a licensed Architect, a past instructor at Louisiana State University and been on staff at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her diverse project experience includes both civic and institutional work.

Helen’s professional contribution involves her community involvement and project management skills. In addition, she has personal first hand knowledge and experience with the care of the elderly. Her personal story spans 20 years involving a variety of care experiences for the elderly giving her a unique understanding. She brings that special perspective to Bailey and Associates and helps the leadership team maintain a sensitivity to the needs and challenges of the elderly.

Dr. Roger Tijerino

Roger holds degrees in Architecture, Business, and Planning. He has 35 years of professional experience, and 15 years with the Bailey and Associates team. In addition to his academic credentials, Roger has a diversity of work experiences that include  architecture, teaching and management. He has worked internationally to bring unique business and humanitarian resources to his home country of Nicaragua.

Unique planning experience includes GIS technology and its adaptation on the LSU campus, development of a property identification information system for the city of Algiers, and the master plan for the waterfront of Punta Gorda, Florida including the architectural design of several structures for the city of New Town in Iran Jaya, Indonesia.

Roger’s diverse planning, design and business skills brings a unique perspective to the team in furtherance of its goal to innovate unique solutions.