General Haig Residence

General Haig Residence, Pool and Pool House, New Olreans, Louisiana

Albert J. Saputo, a graduate of Tulane School of Architecture and a New Orleans Architect of note designed and built his personal residence in 1959 at this location. He lived with his wife and family in this home for 14 years. He was known for his Mid-Century Modern Architecture and this house was no exception. The Authemont Family purchased the residence in 1973 and altered the floor plan by inclosing the rear patio and adding a lava rock veneer to the original brick fire place.

In 2011, an empty nester couple, purchase the residence to return to the City of New Orleans and simplify their new life style. The Home Owner, knew the location and became aware of the residence, recognizing a quality of construction that was unique.

Research revealed the connection to Albert Saputo the original designer / owner. This diamond in the rough offered a great opportunity to retain the original design while enhancing the live-ability of the house by updating it for today’s lifestyle. It also had a spacious rear yard that would accommodate a pool and recreation / guest house.